Diamond L has been raising these delightful cats for over 25 years. There are very different - more like dogs. Lively, bold, love water - they don't hide under the furniture when company comes.  So very loyal!     

By nature, these wonderful mixed breed cats are active and bold They enjoy playing in water (a weighted water dish is a must). They are very social and enjoy the companionship of adults, children and dogs. They are natural retrievers and remain playful and active their entire lives. They are friendly, curious and confident in disposition. A Bengal/Manx should not show signs of aggression or shyness.

The ideal Bengal/Manx has contrasting coat pattern of the Bengal and the absolute taillessness of the Manx, called a "rumpie". With this cross it is very difficult to predict, with any certainty, tail length. Rumpies can produce kittens with varying tail lengths, although they themselves are tailless.

Diamond L kittens are guaranteed healthy and free from any abnormality. Our kittens come in various color, blue tabby, blue cream, black, marble both black and brown and spotted patterns.


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